Media & Technical Services Equipment Store, MediaCityUK. Equipment Loans Policy

Effective from: 01 September 2021

Version Number: 2.5

1.0. What is the purpose of this Policy?

This Policy sets out the terms and conditions which apply to students and members of staff who borrow portable equipment from the Equipment Stores at our Media City campus.


2.0. To whom does this Policy apply?

All students and staff who borrow equipment must comply with this Policy.

Additional requirements apply to students who are on placement which will be dealt with separately with each student.

By making a booking to borrow equipment you agree to comply with this Policy (as updated from time to time).

3.0. Who can borrow equipment?

3.1. You must be either:

3.1.1. registered as a current student with the University for a relevant School of Science, Engineering and Environment (SEE) or School of Arts, Media and Creative Technology programme or module within a programme (as stated on our SISO system) or;

3.1.2. a current member of staff in the School of SEE or SAMCT.

3.2 You must:

3.2.1. NOT be banned from borrowing equipment under this Policy;  

3.2.2. NOT have had your access to University facilities and services temporarily suspended pending action being taken against you under the applicable Disciplinary Procedure; and

3.2.3. NOT be on a break from your studies or employment.

3.2.4. NOT borrow equipment on behalf of anyone else or allow anyone else (including another student or a member of staff) to use the equipment while you are borrowing it (even if they are permitted to borrow equipment themselves).

3.3. You are responsible for all borrowing of equipment that is made using your student or staff ID.

3.4. Group bookings are not permitted, and each booking must be made by a single student or member of staff against their student or staff ID card who will be fully responsible for the equipment.

4.0. What equipment can be borrowed?

4.1. SISO shows the equipment and associated accessories which are available for you to borrow. Certain equipment is prioritised for use by programmes with specific module requirements and please check SISO for further details.

4.2. All equipment is subject to availability and we cannot guarantee that any particular item that you want to borrow will be available to borrow at the time and for the period that you want it. Priority to borrow equipment is always given to students in SEE and SAMCT.

4.3. The Equipment Store staff will sometimes make bookings for equipment to be used in scheduled classes. This equipment will be allocated to individual students and staff at the time of collection. These bookings have fixed return times which are notified at the time of collection – usually the end of the class. If you borrow equipment for a class, you are fully responsible for the equipment and must return it at the agreed time. Equipment must not be removed from the classroom. Sanctions for returning equipment late are the same as for any other booking.

5.0. Do I have to pay a fee to borrow equipment? 

No – we do not charge any fee for borrowing equipment.

6.0. For how long can equipment be borrowed?

6.1. SISO specifies the maximum period for which each item of equipment can be borrowed. This is normally 4 days, but different periods apply to certain items.

6.2. To borrow the equipment for longer than the maximum period on SISO, you should check if the equipment will be available (using the scheduling chart on SISO) and, if the equipment is available, request an extension by email to the Equipment Store staff at at least 48 hours before you want to make the booking.

6.3. No extension to the maximum borrowing period will apply unless approved in advance by the Equipment Store staff. Extensions cannot be guaranteed and may be refused in the interest of maintaining an efficient service to all borrowers or where priority has to be given to students or staff in the School of SEE or SAMCT. If you borrow equipment for longer than the normal loan period without first obtaining approval, you may incur fines.

6.4 You must continue to comply fully with the terms of this Policy during any extension to the normal borrowing period.

6.5. Where you:

6.5.1. miss, or are aware that you will miss, a deadline for submission of coursework due to circumstances outside your control; and/or

6.5.2. are aware that you will not be able to return borrowed equipment in time for the return deadline; you must inform the Equipment Store staff of the delay in return as soon as possible by email to If you are a student, you may wish to follow the Personal Mitigating Circumstances Procedure (PMC) in relation to your assessment if it is affected by any medical or personal issue.

7.0. What is the process if I want to borrow equipment?

7.1. All Students must book equipment must via SISO. No bookings will be taken by telephone or email.

7.2. All academics who wish to book equipment for classes must inform the equipment store staff by email or teams 365 message, by the start of the semester. A minimum of two week’s notice is required if there are any amendments to the booking.

7.3. For certain equipment you must complete the relevant skills or induction training session before you book and collect that equipment and SISO records once that skills or induction training has been completed.

7.4. If required by your course or module, a relevant risk assessment must be completed and approved by the relevant Academic before equipment can be collected and you must at all times comply with the Health and Safety legislation that is applicable to the location where equipment will be used. Details of all safety documents at

7.5. Risk Assessment must be approved and sent to stores a minimum of 3 hours in advance of equipment being collected.

7.6. We may need to restrict the availability of items for the purpose of repairs and maintenance. It may not be possible to provide advanced warning of such restrictions and we reserve the right to cancel or amend bookings where necessary maintenance or repairs have an unavoidable impact on the borrowing of equipment.

8.0. How do I cancel bookings for equipment that I no longer need?

Bookings for any equipment that you have made, but which are no longer required, must be cancelled via SISO in advance of the start of the loan period, thereby releasing the equipment for other students or staff to book. Failure to cancel bookings which are no longer needed may result in a ban on future borrowing.

  1. 9.0. Do I have to pay a deposit? 

    No – you do not have to pay a deposit to loan equipment 

10.0. What is the process for collecting equipment?

10.1. The last bookable collection time is 4.00pm and you can collect pre-booked equipment until 4.45pm. Please do not turn up later than this expecting to collect equipment as the Equipment Stores close promptly. The earliest collection time is 9.30am, the following weekday for all bookings made after 4.30pm.

10.2. You must collect the equipment from the Equipment Stores during their opening hours (Monday to Friday 9.30am – 4.30pm excluding public and bank holidays in England and University closure days) at the time that you selected at the point of booking. The booking will be automatically cancelled if the equipment is not collected within one hour of this collection time.

10.3. Under no circumstances can equipment be borrowed or returned outside the above opening hours.

10.4. You must present your valid Student or Staff ID card (and any other necessary documentation applicable to your booking) to collect booked equipment from the Equipment Stores.

10.5. The equipment is loaned on an “as is” basis:

10.5.1. At the point of collection, you should check that the equipment is free from damage or faults, that it contains all applicable batteries and other accessories and that there is nothing missing. Kits will be provided with a “kit list” detailing the contents.

10.5.2. If equipment is found to be damaged or faulty or to have anything missing on such inspection, our only responsibility is to try to find you a replacement if one is available.

10.5.3. If any equipment is returned with any missing part or accessory, you will be responsible for the replacement costs that we reasonably incur.

11.0. Are there any restrictions on using the equipment?

11.1. The equipment remains at all times the property of the University and you must neither sell nor dispose of it.

11.2. We may limit the number of items that students can borrow during any week (see SISO for more details).

11.3. Battery-powered equipment will be provided with the appropriate charged cells or packs. During the loan period these items must only be changed for those of the same type or rating.

11.4. Equipment must only be used by students for their assessed course work or research or other activities that support their academic studies and by staff for teaching or other activities connected with their roles. Equipment must not be used for any other purpose or for commercial or financial gain or for personal use.

11.5. You must not use the equipment in any way that breaches any University guidelines, policies (including, amongst others, the ICT Acceptable Use Policy) and regulations or that brings the University into disrepute.

11.6. You must use the equipment responsibly and in accordance with applicable operating instructions which are provided or made available to you.

11.7. The equipment must not be altered or de-faced and you must not attempt to repair any damage or fault, or to install any replacement part or software, or allow anyone else to do so.

12.0. Can equipment be taken off campus?

12.1. If you are a student, you can take equipment off campus, but only for the purpose of completing your assessed course work or research that support your academic studies. A maximum loan period of 4 days still applies unless an extension is agreed with the Equipment Store Staff.

12.2. Additional requirements may apply where you are a student on placement which will be dealt with separately.

12.3. If you are a member of the academic staff, you can take equipment off campus, but only for teaching or research purposes. Requests for equipment must be sent by email to an Equipment Store Manager at least 48 hours before the intended loan period.

12.4. Technical Staff are permitted to take equipment off campus for University supported projects only. Requests for equipment must be sent by email to an Equipment Store Manager at least 48 hours before the intended loan period.

12.5. If you do take equipment off campus, you must never leave it unattended unless it has been safely and securely stored.

13.0. What happens if the equipment is stolen while it is in my care?

13.1. You must at all times take good care of the equipment and keep it safely and securely stored when left unattended. If equipment is to be used as part of an unattended temporary installation or display, security arrangements must be approved by the Equipment Store staff before you make a booking.

13.2. You must report any theft of the equipment to the local Police at the earliest opportunity and obtain a crime reference number.

13.3. You must also inform staff in the Equipment Stores at the earliest opportunity, and not later than the scheduled return time, providing them with the crime reference number. You will be required to complete and sign an incident report form. This may be partially completed by an Equipment Store Manager using the information you have previously provided. Although this must be signed by you for confirmation of accuracy.

13.4. Under no circumstances should you endanger yourself or others by attempting to prevent the theft of borrowed equipment. Your personal safety is paramount.

13.5. If equipment is stolen and we find that you had not taken proper care of it then, at our absolute discretion, you may be banned from borrowing equipment in the future and/or be required to pay us the full amount that we reasonably incur in replacing the equipment on a like for like basis. Payment is due within 14 days starting on the date that we notify you of the amount you are required to pay.

14.0. What happens if I lose the equipment or it becomes damaged while it is booked out to me or there are any missing parts?

14.1. You must report to the Equipment Stores at the earliest opportunity if you lose any equipment (or parts or accessories) or it becomes damaged or faulty while it is booked out to you.

14.2. You must not attempt to repair any equipment or to install any replacement parts yourself or allow anyone else other than Equipment Store staff to do so.

14.3. You are solely responsible for the equipment from the point you collect it up to the point you return it to staff at the Equipment Stores. If the equipment (in whole or part) is lost or damaged or is found to have any missing parts or accessories between the point that you collect it and return it then, at our absolute discretion, you may be banned from borrowing equipment in the future and you may also be required to pay us the cost that we reasonably incur on repairs or replacements. The amount will be assessed on a case by case basis and payment must be made within 14 days starting on the date that we notify you of the amount that you are required to pay.

15.0. What is the process for returning equipment?

15.1. Equipment must be returned on or before the return date and time which is specified at the time of booking*. You are responsible for checking the return dates and times on your online booking account and for allowing sufficient time to queue and complete the check-in process before that return time has passed. (*The last bookable return time is 4.00pm).

15.2. Except for fair wear and tear through normal use, you must ensure that the equipment is returned in the same condition it was in at the point of collection and with all accompanying batteries and other accessories with which it was borrowed:

15.2.1. Each kit must be returned with everything in its “kit list”.

15.2.2. Rechargeable batteries should be charged after use. Any faulty lamps in the lighting kits should be reported to the Equipment Store Staff.

15.2.3. Equipment memory should be erased before any item with a data storage capability is returned. We are not responsible for preserving or retaining any data which remains following the return of such itemsIf equipment is returned with damage or missing parts then, at our absolute discretion, you may be banned from borrowing equipment in the future and/or be required to pay the costs that we reasonably incur in putting this right.

15.3. The booking return time is the latest time the equipment should be returned. Equipment may be returned before this time during the opening hours of the Equipment Stores.

15.4. Equipment must not be returned and left outside the Equipment Store rooms before or after the opening hours. Leaving equipment anywhere on the premises unsupervised may result in the user’s SISO account being suspended.

16.0. What happens if I return the equipment late?

If you do not return any equipment at the end of the applicable loan period then, at our absolute discretion, you may be temporarily or permanently banned from borrowing equipment. Even though there is a good stock of equipment, there is also a high demand. Late returns disadvantage and cause inconvenience to students and staff.

  1. 17.0. How are fines calculated and charged? 

    17.1.1. Late returns

    Fines for late return of equipment work on a tier system, based on the value of the equipment and how over-due it is. You can check the late return fines on each piece of equipment on SiSo by clicking the ‘i’ button next to each item

    SISO automatically issues fines for late return of equipment. (See Appendix 1: Fine Tier System for details). Please do not appeal to the Equipment Store Staff as they do not generate the fines. If you receive an email from SISO notifying you of a fine, you should log onto your account and check the amount.

    The fine will accrue, as per the tier system, until the equipment is returned to the Media & Technical Services Equipment Store, up to the maximum fine amount.

    17.1.2. Fines and payments process

    Once you have returned equipment, you have 14 days to pay us the fine in full. After this time, if there is still any part of the fine still unpaid, your account (and ability to borrow) will be suspended until the outstanding amount (including fines) has been settled in full.

    Any outstanding fines can be seen by logging into SISO

    Fines can be paid online through SISO (using PayPal) which is the preferred method of payment. Fines can also be paid at askUS Finance at University House. A receipt will be given which must be shown to Media & Technical Services Equipment Store staff as proof of payment. 

    18.0. For how long could I be banned from borrowing equipment?

    18.1. In addition to, or instead of, applicable fines, we have the absolute discretion to impose bans on borrowing in the circumstances set out below. We have no responsibility if any ban causes you problems with completing assessments, course work, research, teaching or with participating in practical classes:

    Description of event 

    Length of ban 


    You are late collecting equipment on at least 3 occasions* 


    one week 

    The second occasion you return any equipment late*  

    one week 


    The third occasion you return any equipment late*  

    one month 


    The fourth occasion you return any equipment late* 

    3 months 


    The fifth occasion you return any equipment late 



    You return any equipment more than one week late* 


    3 months 

    You fail to cancel bookings for equipment you no longer wish to borrow on at least 3 occasions  


    3 months 

    Your negligent, careless or reckless behaviour causes loss of or damage or faults to the equipment 



    Equipment is stolen and we find that you had left it unattended without taking adequate security precautions 

    At our discretion but may be permanent 


    Any fines or other amounts that you owe us under this Policy remain unpaid after the due date for payment 

    Until such time as all outstanding fines/amounts are paid in full 



    *If you accumulate more than one ban, the bans will run consecutively and not concurrently. 

    19.0. What happens if fines or other amounts are not paid? 

We will take action to recover fines and other amounts that you owe under this Policy. If payment is still not made: 

  1. 19.1. the debt may be referred to an external debt collection agency and an additional 10% will be added to cover this cost;  

  1. 19.2. you may be banned from borrowing equipment until you have paid us all outstanding amounts in full; and 

  1. 19.3. a hold may be placed on your account meaning that, if you are a student, you will be unable to attend a graduation ceremony until all fines and such amounts have been paid in full. 


  1. 20.0. How do I appeal a fine or a ban on borrowing equipment? 


  1. 20.1. If you wish to appeal against a sanction under this Policy because there are mitigating circumstances, please email Jan Bradley, Technical Team Leader detailing the following information: 

  • Name: 

  • Email address: 

  • Phone Number: 

  • Course: 

  • Programme Leader: 

  • Equipment Booked Out: 

  • Date of Booking: 

  • Equipment Return/Due Date: (Please enter date and time) 

  • Actual Return date: (Please enter date and time) 

  • Fine Total or details of ban on borrowing: 

  • Grounds of Appeal: 


  1. 20.2.Appeals must be made within 10 working days (Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays in England and University closure days).  

  1. 20.3. Appeals will only be considered valid where you provide details of mitigating circumstances. Appeals without mitigating circumstances will not be considered. 

  1. 20.4. Valid appeals will be considered by the Team Leader  within 10 working days (Monday to Friday excluding public or bank holidays in England and University closure days). 

  1. 20.5. If your appeal is rejected, and you request a review of our decision within 10 working days starting on the date you are notified about the outcome of your appeal, your appeal will be considered (normally within 10 working days starting on the date that we receive your request for a review) by the Appeals Review Panel whose decision will be final. The panel will consist of a member of the Media & Technical Services Equipment Store staff, an academic member of staff on a relevant or related course and the Team Leader. If your appeal/review is successful the fine will be fully removed and, if applicable, the ban on borrowing lifted.  

  1. 20.6. If your appeal/review is partially successful, the fine may be partially removed and, if applicable, a ban on borrowing may be lifted, or the length of the ban may be reduced, on condition that you pay all outstanding amounts within a specified period. 


  1. 21.0. Can I borrow equipment over the Summer? 


  1. 21.1. Postgraduate students are permitted to use equipment over the Summer (trimester 3) to support assessed course-related or module work. 

  1. 21.2. Undergraduate students may only borrow equipment over the Summer when completing work for re-assessment and have provided documentary evidence of their reassessment to the staff in the Media & Technical Services Equipment Store. 

  1. 21.3. If Undergraduate Students wish to borrow equipment for Studio Salford, the request must come from Luke Dudley, Media Production Manager.  

  1. 21.4. Once undergraduate modules end (around May) all SISO accounts will be suspended until the start of the next academic year (and induction attendance) and equipment may not be booked for loan via SISO after this time. 

  1. 21.5. Fines for late return continue to apply to equipment that is borrowed over the Summer. 


  1. 22.0. What happens if I do not comply with this Policy? 

  1. 22.1. If you do not comply with this Policy, you may have to pay us fines and/or we may ban you from borrowing equipment (see paragraphs 16 and 18). We have no responsibility if the ban on borrowing causes you problems with completing assessments, course work, research, teaching or with participating in practical classes. 

  1. 22.2. If you are suspected of any serious misconduct in relation to any equipment that you borrow then, in addition to any fines and/or bans on future borrowing which are specified in this Policy, you may be referred for disciplinary action under the applicable Disciplinary Procedure. 


  1. 23.0. Does this Policy apply if I borrow equipment from other Equipment Stores at the University? 

No – other Equipment Stores have their own policies and you should check with relevant staff before you borrow any equipment from them.

  1. 24.0. Does the borrowing of equipment constitute a regulated consumer hire agreement?

No there is no regulated consumer hire agreement under consumer credit legislation in all cases each booking of equipment lasts no longer than 3 months and no fee is charged.  

  1. 25.0. Can this Policy be changed? 

We may review and update this Policy from time to time and each update will take effect for all bookings from the date it is issued. Each updated Policy will be published on SiSo without notice being given to you and you should check for any new version each time you book equipment. 

Related Documentation 

  • Student Disciplinary Procedure 

  • Staff Disciplinary Procedure 

  • Personal Mitigating Circumstances Procedure 

  • ICT Acceptable Use Policy 


Appendix 1: Fine Tier System (late returns)

Appendix 1: Fine Tier System (Late Returns) 

The last bookable collection time is 4.00pm and you can collect pre booked equipment until 4.45pm. Collections and returns outside of these hours will not be accepted. After 4.00pm students cannot book equipment for collection until the next day. 

Fines for late return of equipment work on a tier system, based on the value of the equipment and how over-due it is. You can check the late return fines on each piece of equipment on SISO by clicking the ‘i’ button next to each item. 

Fines will be levied on a tier-based system detailed below: 

Tier level 

First 24 hours fine 

After 24 hours additional fine 

* As soon as equipment is more than 24 hours late, fines continue to accrue at the full daily rate for each day or part day until equipment is returned, up to the maximum fine amount. 

Tier 1 (Small items e.g. High value memory cards, headphones, microphones, All cables, boompoles, raincovers) 


 80p per hour up to maximum of 5 hours (based on the opening times of the Equipment Stores) 


 £4 per day to a maximum of £20 


Tier 2 (Lower value equipment e.g. Tascam/Zoom audio recorders, Lighting kits, Sound kit (inc rifle mic kit), Marantz audio recorders, Tracking Dolly, Lenses, Monitors) 


 £1.50 per hour up to maximum of 5 hours (based on the opening times of the Equipment Stores) 



£7 per day to a maximum of £35 

Tier 3 (High value equipment e.g. All camera kits) 


£2 per hour up to maximum of 5 hours (based on the opening times of the Equipment Stores) 


£10 per day to a maximum of £50 


Tier 4  (Lost low value 16GB SDHC cards) 

20p per hour up to maximum of 5 hours (based on the opening times of the Equipment Stores) 


£1 per day to a maximum of £10  

Example 1: Marantz kit (Tier 2) due to be returned at 12:00pm on a Tuesday 

Actually returned at 11:00am on Wednesday 

Fine: £7 1.50 per hour up to maximum of 5 hours but capped at £7 per day) 

Actually returned at 12:01pm on Wednesday 

Fine: £14 (As above + additional £7 daily charge) 

Example 2: Marantz kit (Tier 2) due to be returned on a Tuesday but returned over a week later 

Fine: £35 (Maximum tier charge) 

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